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We are worldwide agents for both TalentLMS and eFront which are leading international systems from the same supplier.

They operate in a similar way, but are designed for different markets in terms of user volumes and requirements.


TalentLMS provides an extremely affordable and easy to use cloud-based platform for any organisation wanting to get going with e-learning, and to grow from there, while also being suitable for organisations which are struggling to make a real success of e-learning, and which are looking for a solution that will really work.Due to its excellent features and flexible pricing structure, TalentLMS is an ideal platform for small to medium sized organisations wanting to train between 25 and 1000 learners.

For a direct link to the TalentLMS, just click here.

TalentLMS Rich Communication Tools
  • Discussion Forums
  • Personal messaging
  • Customisable system emails
TalentLMS - Content Management Features
  • A wide range of content supported, from presentations, to videos to interactive content (SCORM and TinCan)
  • In-system course builder for simple text content
  • Assessments engine for in-system question and quiz development.
  • Inbuilt Survey engine.
  • Course path rules for guided training.
TalentLMS-Enterprise Ready Features
  • Reporting (customisable over 500 users)
  • Groups and branches for managing and segmenting users and reports.
  • Single Sign-On for access from other systems and websites
  • Customisable user profiles
  • API – Application Program Interface – Extensive Rest-API for integration with other systems
  • Integration – Integrates with over 200 services through Zapier. Native integrations with Shopify, Salesforce, WordPress and GoToMeeting.
TalentLMS - Interface
  • Responsive (fits to any device screen – PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Accessibility – Conforms to WCAG-2 accessibility requirements
  • Mobile – Native applications for iOS and Android devices with some offline sync options.
TalentLMS-Customisation and Branding
  • Customisable look and feel.
  • Branded for you (we assist with this process)
  • Selection of themes, plus customisation options.
TalentLMS - Learning Delivery Options
  • Supports Blended Learning
  • Gamification, including badges, points, leaderboards, etc.
  • Configurable certification options.
  • Webinar Support (Connects to various platforms including Zoom)


TalentLMS and eFront share the same features. However, eFront differs markedly from Talent in the following powerful features it can offer to Enterprise Clients:

  • Scalability – Scales up to thousands of users.
  • Skills – A powerful user management tool to manage staff skills training including defining skills at user and job level and making sure the staff get the right courses, with reporting on this.
  • Mobile learning – Automatically supports responsive content on various devices.  In addition, native Android and iOS apps allow offline support for courses and assessments.
  • Flexible and sophisticated grouping of users for effective user management. Through Groups, Audiences and Jobs, users can be easily grouped at multiple levels for course allocation, skills tracking and progress reporting.

Private Cloud or Deployed – eFront is available as a hosted solution, on a highly secure private cloud environment, or can be deployed in-house on your own servers