Learning Management

Keeping Your Training Online and On Track.


Learning, and especially online learning, needs to be actively managed if it is going to have the desired impact. The drop-and-run approach doesn’t work.  So, the challenge is working out where to start.

Do you have the right Learning Management System (LMS) with the features, scalability and functionality that you need?

Do you have the capacity and experience within your organisation to keep your learners motivated and to regularly communicate with each and every individual across multiple training programmes?

Do you have the technical expertise on hand to sort out the inevitable support queries?

Are you able to run your own professional webinars to support learning?

What We Do

Learning Portal

Learning Management Systems

We are worldwide agents for two modern world-class Learning Management Systems (LMS’s).Whether you are a large or small organisation, or looking for a long-term or project-based arrangement, we can provide the ideal system to support your needs.

All our LMS’s are user-friendly, mobile-capable, and very cost effective. They offer a range of features, including in-depth graphical reporting, gamification, social learning, in-system content development, and excellent management tools. 

TalentLMS and eFRONT

Managed Learning

Managed Learning

Structuring and managing online and blended learning programmes and ensuring that a high percentage of learners not only do the training, but successfully pass the assessments in a given timeframe isn’t easy.

That’s where our professional learning management service comes in. We help you to manage the content, build logical curricula, upload the users and allocate the content, support and communicate to the learners, and analyse  and report on  progress. Where permitted, we also motivate and remind the learners, mentors and others, managing the learning projects end to end.

Our goal is to help you meet your training objectives and we work closely with you to achieve this.


Professional Webinar Service

Webinars are the best way to deliver your awesome face to face presentations, host discussions and run coaching sessions with an audience that’s spread across multiple locations.

Bridgewater’s Webinar Service is designed to make it really easy for you to get started. We provide all the training that you need, as well as all technical and soft support before, during and after every session for a truly professional experience.  It’s also really affordable and it can be branded for you.  Expand your reach in a matter of days!

Online Store

Online Store

Our online Store and Payments service is designed for those who want to offer their course content for purchase online in an attractive and totally secure way.

More than just a software solution, we help you set up your branding, framework and content, and to link this to your website and financial institution.

There is also the option to enter into a mutual reseller arrangement with us, where we help you market your courses and vice versa. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Learning Management Projects

We’ve helped a number of customers to manage their learning over the years. Here is a small sample to show you the diversity of what we do:

Protea Hotels by Marriott

Learning management over 6 years for 5000 plus employees in over 100 hotels across Africa. Unique branding, group structuring and reporting with daily support.


Bridgewater Learning managed the end to end rollout of a blended learning program, including online and workshop elements for staff and mentors.  98% of all candidates completed the programme.

BID Travel

Bridgewater Learning linked 20,000 potential learners in major corporates to their online systems training via Single Sign On (SSO) from the BidTravel portal.


Bridgewater Learning supported a series of webinars for ARTG Learnership students across the country. This included webinar training for the presenters.


For HTA Chef Academy, we manage the roll out of a 3 year curriculum with online exams across Africa and the Middle East.