Learning Development

Amazing training, tailor-made just for you.

The Benefit

Every organisation is different. You need training that fits your organisation’s culture and deals with the challenges that are specific to your business, your staff, your products and services, your clients, and your brand.

Custom development is the best way to ensure that you get a solution that is designed to perfectly meet your skills or knowledge requirements, no matter how complex or straightforward those requirements may be.

What We Do

Most of our projects over the years have been course and quiz developments using a mix of the solutions below.  Our learning development team has some impressive talents, which allow us to offer a wide variety of solutions.  These can be combined or requested individually as needed.  Click on the icons to explore.

Interactive Courses
We develop highly engaging e-learning courses with just the right amount of interactivity to challenge learners and help them to apply their knowledge.  By the way, clicking on next buttons does not count as interactivity.
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Blended Learning
Digital and traditional learning are often seen as mutually exclusive. The truth is that a blend of the two is far more powerful than either format on its own. However, for a blended programme to work well, the digital and face-to-face elements need to complement each other. We design fully blended training programmes together with Subject Matter Experts, and then develop the various digital and physical learning materials.
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Mobile learning (aka. m-learning) has been the 'buzz' for some time now.  All of our courses and quizzes are HTML5 (i.e. can run on mobile), but true m-learning is designed to responsively adapt to different devices.  We do that too.
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Assessments & Quizzes
Pre-assessments are designed to detect knowledge and skills gaps. Self-tests and quick quizzes give learners a chance to check their own knowledge. And, post-assessments give management the opportunity to report on the success of a training programme. We also enjoy developing scenarios, including branching scenarios, to assess how learners respond to real-world challenges.

The standard question types (multiple choice, true or false, matching, drag-and-drop, etc.) are available, along with some custom-built possibilities.

How South African are you?  Take this quiz to find out.
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Instructional Design, Scripting & Research
What use is a course packed with glitzy features and great graphics, if it doesn’t actually have any meaningful and memorable substance?

The most challenging part of any training project is to plan, research, design and write the content, so that it meets the objectives of the training in the most effective and interesting way. That’s what instructional design is all about.

We are not experts in the subjects that we develop (we rely on Subject Matter Experts for that), but we are experts in asking the right questions, doing research and designing programmes that emphasise the relevant point to facilitate an understanding of even the most technical of topics.
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Software & Systems Simulations
If you’re looking for software and system training that even your grandmother can appreciate, you’re in the right place. We follow a tell-try-test approach, which first shows learners how to complete a task, then let’s them try it with some guidance before testing them within a simulated environment.

Most importantly, we make sure that the “why” of doing something is just as obvious as the “how”.
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Explainer Videos
Explainer videos are short, animated, informative videos that use a mixture of text, graphics, audio and energy to explain something interesting. Think of them as infographics in motion.
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Video Production & Interviews
Do you need someone to film your next presentation or seminar? How about an interview or a message from the CEO or your staff? Or, what about some shots of your products and people for your next induction or training programme?

We produce videos to suit any budget, for use in courses and training programmes or just as standalone broadcasts to your audience.
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What better way to put training into context than to associate it with the actual environment and products that the learners will see day to day? If you don’t have professional images for your training, we can take them for you.
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Voiceover & Audio Services
Quality audio is an integral part of our projects. Most of our courses include narration that has been recorded in-house. We can also add professional voiceover to any of your e-learning projects. Contact us for samples and to find out more.
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Animation can make training fun, but it is common knowledge that full motion animation can come with a high price tag. We offer some other less expensive alternatives that can tell a story or demonstrate a point without blowing the budget. Take a look at these for example.
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Graphic Design & Illustration
Not only do we put our design skills to good use in our courses, but we also design print media, such as posters, handouts and brochures to help to reinforce the key points of any training intervention.
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Programme Launches & Communications
So, you’ve done all the hard work to produce an incredible training programme, but how do you encourage your learners to get on board? Bridgewater Learning is on hand to produce exciting launch videos and material to help to market the programme to your audience and to send it on its way.
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Online Surveys
If you can’t read minds, you could always take a more direct route and ask people what they are thinking. Get feedback on your courses, find out how your department is doing, and generally go in search of a well-deserved pat on the back with Bridgewater Learning’s online survey service.
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Project Management
We have been managing Learning Development projects for many years. These more usually involve multiple stakeholders. We use a combination of ADDIE and Agile to provide both the process structure and flexibility that is required for ensuring that the job is done accurately, within budget and on time.

Too much on your plate? Talk to us about helping you to manage some of your projects.
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Business Areas that We've Covered

Recruitment and On-boarding Process
Introduction to the Employee Wellness programme
Bursary policy
Disciplinary procedures
Substance Abuse Policy
Compensation and Benefits policy
Industrial relations

Performance management
Induction to the company
Introduction to Code of Conduct
Talent Acquisition
Compensation and Benefits
Industrial Relations
Performance Management Process

Pre-hearing Stage of a Disciplinary Hearing
Chairperson’s Guide to a Disciplinary Hearing
Managing Performance
Managing Ill-Health or Injury
Managing Absenteeism

Annual Leave Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Family Responsibility Leave Policy
Maternity Leave Policy
Employment Equity Policy
Disciplinary Code Policy
Telephone Abuse Policy

Gift and Hospitality Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Grievance Policy
Dreaded Disease Policy
Communication Monitoring Policy
Computer Network and Internet Access Policy

Legal diversity management process
Records management
Online travel booking systems for corporate clients
Online claims management for suppliers
Online call centre systems training

Performance Drivers
Supervisor Practices
Interpreting Financial Reports
How to plan
Action Planning

How to Delegate
Giving Feeback
Dealing with Conflict from Customers
Staff Scheduling
Staff Planning

Leadership Brand
Difficult Conversations
Conflict Management
Leadership Bites

Reading the Client
Rapport Building Strategies
Warming Up The Call
Breaking The Ice
Needs Analysis
Understanding Buying Motives

Proposal Selling
Handling Objections
Closing the Sale
Maximising Additional Sales Opportunities
After Sales Account Building

Know your customer FICA and document management
FICA compliance
Two Step Tango – Cash Flow Management for mangers
FAIS assessments for exam training

Motivational Service course (Hospitality)
Values and Working Habits

Loyalty card programme
Travel card sales and service
Betting products knowledge for staff

Health and Safety induction
Working at Heights and Preventing Falls
Personal Protective Equipment
Vehicles Rules and Regulations
Driving Policy
Incident Reporting and Investigation

Job Safety Analysis
The Safety Eye-to-Eye Process
Working together on safety
Isolation procedure (electrical)
SHEC policy

Introduction to the Environmental Management Plans
Waste and Pollution Management
The Environment at the Mine
EMP Guidelines for Managers
Dealing with Hazardous Materials and Handling Spills

Chloride Wash Procedure
Introduction to Heap Leaching
Introduction to the Wet Plant
Ion Exchange
Blast Hole Drilling Operations
Excavator Operations

Sawing and filing
Measuring instruments
Assembling Electrical Conduit
Three Phase Motors
Mechanical Seals, Gaskets and Packing
Operating Oxy-acetylene cutting equipment
Welding: Oxy-acetylene
Welding: Arc Welding
Wiring a top plug

Rock Identification
Introduction to Exploration Drilling
Introduction to Mineral Exploration
Geology of the Mine
Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling and Sampling at the Mine
Preliminary Program Planning
Drilling Supervision
Sampling Considerations

Drill Site Preparation
Record Keeping and Drilling Systems
RAB, Aircore and Vacuum Drilling
RC Drilling
Diamond Core Drilling
Measurements on Core and Within Drillholes
Sample Processing and Analysis